Terms and Conditions

This policy was last modified on March 29, 2020.

Monster Monstera reserves the right to change it’s policies without prior notice.

All plants will be shipped from Japan and customs declaration will state “live plant”.

We will provide Phytosanitary Certificates for all plants in accordance to japanese export law at the buyer’s expense.

The process of applying for a phytosanitary certificate may take anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

All inspections done within Japan will be the seller’s responsibility but once the plant has left the country, all inspections done outside of Japan will be the buyer’s responsibility.

Any additional fees or taxes outside of japan will also be the buyer’s responsibility.

Kindly check your country/state’s regulations with importing plants. Some countries may require an import permit. And if your country does, please prepare the necessary documents for your order.

Monster Monstera will pay and prepare any documents necessary within Japan within the value of the plants/materials purchased by the buyer. The Buyer is responsible for any certificates and fees needed outside of Japan.

Failure to prepare the necessary documents resulting to the plants’ non arrival will be the buyers responsibility and no refund or replacement shall be given if this occured.

Again, we strongly advise you to contact your own office of agriculture if you are not familiar with the procedures.