Refund/Replacement Policy

This policy was last modified on March 1, 2021.

Refund/Replacement Policy

Please take pictures and a video of your plant if it arrives dead or damaged. All packages are tracked so please open the package as soon as you receive it.

All claims will be considered if they are made within 3 days after the plant has been received. After that, no claims shall be accepted.

You may choose between 2 choices on how you want to move forward in the event of damage.

REFUND: We will refund your dead/damaged plant’s cost not including the shipping fee and phytosanitary inspection fee.

REPLACEMENT: We will cover 100% of the next plant’s cost including the shipping and phytosanitary inspection fees.

Damaged plants during shipping is an unfortunate but not uncommon occurrence. We do our best to minimize these damages by carefully wrapping and packaging your plants before shipping.

If your plant is dead on arrival, please send us a video of the plant and do not throw away any part of the dead plant till stated.

Damages that are eligible for a refund/replacement are damages to the plant that cover 50% or more of the plant’s roots or stems. These include rot, yellowing stems, and/or breaks.

Leaf only damages may be eligible if the plant loses all it’s leaves.
Minor leaf damages are not included. Your plant will soon grow new healthy leaves once it acclimates to the new environment.

Flowers or inflorescence are not covered by the refund/replacement.

Please keep in mind, what you are purchasing is a living thing. It grows and changes everyday. It thrives with care but will perish if not given what it needs.

After the 3 day grace period is up, it is up to the buyer, as its new owner to follow the proper procedures on how to best propagate and care for the plant.

Plants will be sent from japan with a tracking number and customs declaration will list live plant material. All inspections within japan will be the seller’s responsibility.

Buyers must provide necessary permits (if applicable) to import plants to their country and assume any and all risks of loss or confiscation resulting in plants non-arrival outside of Japan if not provided.