Shipping Regulations

This policy was last modified on March 29, 2020.

Depending on which country you reside in, we may ask you to prepare permits or custom clearance forms before we could ship your plants. We strongly recommend contacting your Office of Agriculture.


For orders of 13 plants and above, please provide us with an import permit. The import permit number is required before a phytosanitary inspection can be made.

Import permits can be acquired from the USDA office. Please contact your USDA office and email us the import permit at:


For orders of 12 plants or less, no import permit is required.


For shipping plants to Europe a customs clearance is required to acquire any and all live plant orders.

A quarantine period of up to 3 months may be required for your plant.

Please check with your office of agriculture.

Failure acquire a customs clearance may result to the package to be held by customs.

Any taxes and additional fees outside of japan will be the buyer’s responsibility.


Australia has a very strict policy when shipping plants into the country.

A quarantine period of up to 3 months may be necessary and fees may apply.

Please contact your Office of Agriculture for more info.


Each country has their own policy about importing live plants to prevent pests from entering their countries.

For orders to other countries, please contact your Department of Agriculture’s Office.

For any questions about our store’s shipping policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Shipping Schedule

Because of the current state of the world, cheaper shipping options are currently unavailable. We can only ship plants using FedEx and DHL which are faster but more expensive.

All plants are shipped first class priority mail and a tracking number will be provided upon shipment.

Before we could ship your plants, certain permits and inspections must be made in accordance to your country’s regulations. After acquiring the necessary documents from the buyer, we can then start getting a phytosanitary inspection. The entire process may take up to a month before we could ship your plant.

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