Syngonium Ngern Lai Ma




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Photos were taken June 10, 2024
The plant shown in the picture is the one that you will receive.
Since it is a living plant, please expect some imperfections.

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temparature: 20-25C
humidity: 60-80%
substrate: moss
watering: once a week
fertilizer: bimonthly at 50% the recommended strength


Hi! Welcome to our plant shop. My name is Em and I run The Half Moon Den with my cousin Cha.

We are a 2 person plant shop and we are based in Japan and grow all our lovely plants in our house. I do the gardening 🌻 and Cha runs the online shops and can answer any questions you may have 💻.

We have been collecting and caring for rare plants for over 6 years now and we strive to provide you with healthy, well acclimated plants. We wish to provide you with plants that you can proudly add to your collection as well as happiness and positivity in you everyday day.


We are located in Japan and all orders will be shipped direct from Tokyo, Japan.
If it is your first time importing a plant, don’t hesitate to ask us anything. We have helped plenty of people with their first time plant imports.

All orders will require a signature upon delivery and we can not opt out of this option due to experiencing stolen packages from before.
We will give you a schedule for your order with the shipping date and if you need to change the shipping date, just let us know.

If you would like to have free shipping, please place your order on our website. We offer lower prices and free shipping for qualifying orders.

If your plant arrives dead, please send me pictures or a video and I will replace it. Strictly, no photos/video, no replacement.

I also have a 7 day replacement policy for all my plants. If your plant dies within 7 days after being delivered, I will replace your plant. Please keep a diligent eye on your plant’s conditions and take plenty of photos especially when cutting off damaged parts of the plant. This will help us both if the situation ever arises where they are needed.
Damaged or yellowing leaves, scratches and missing flowers are not covered by the guarantee.

We do not accept returns. Depending on the season, some yellowing leaves and root damage is normal and sometimes unavoidable for any plant that has been uprooted and shipped from any country.
Since these are live plants coming from halfway across the globe, we ask for your kind understanding that we cannot accept returns. However, we can guide you and give you after shipping care and tips. Just message us and we will help you.

In order to qualify for our Live Arrival Guarantee, please keep an eye on your shipping and open the package as soon as you receive your plant.
If there has been a delivery attempt but the package returns to the post office, your plant will not be eligible for a replacement anymore.

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